At University Hospital Sharjah, we bring experienced medical experts from around the globe to Sharjah, so that people of the UAE seek top medical treatment with utmost ease.

We are excited to welcome Prof. Sung-Taek Kwon, one of Korea’s most distinguished surgeons. He holds a degree in MS and a PhD from Seoul National University and he has more than 30 years of remarkable experience in managing medical conditions like congenital anomalies of hand and foot, tumors, burns and other traumas of hand and feet. Prof. Sung-Taek Kwon is a great aesthetic surgeon as well.

Consult our professor at UHS from August 9th to September 7th, 2022. It is a limited opportunity to get treated by one of the most highly regarded reconstructive surgeons from Korea in the UAE!

Himchan Introduction
Himchan Introduction

As a globally renowned medical professional, his areas of expertise span an expansive range

  • Hand and Foot Congenital Anomalies:
    Polydactyly, Syndactyly, Macrodactyly, Hypoplasia, etc.
  • Aesthetic Surgery of Hands and Feet
  • Trauma & Burns of Hands and Feet
  • Tumors of Hands and Feet

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