Nursing vacancies

Job Code: OT01
Number of Positions: 2
Posted On: 01/08/2021
Close Date: 31/10/2021
Department: Nursing - OR
Years of Experience: 3

Job Description

Summary of Main

Duties and Responsibilities

To assess patient needs, plan, implement and evaluate the plan of patient care in the OT complex. Direct junior and auxiliary team members Provide safe quality ethical nursing care in accordance with the Hospital, international and federal standards and regulations


  • Actively participates in upholding and promoting the vision and culture of University Hospital Sharjah (UHS)
  • Complies with all UHS policies, procedures and fire regulations
  • Participates in all aspects of the International Accreditation program to assist UHS to attain and maintain international accreditation standards
  • Performs nursing practice in line with the facility, MOH, JCI and FDON policies, procedures and standards
  • Prioritizes patients’ individual needs and delegates aspects of nursing care to other nursing team members within his/her scope of professional practice
  • Performs nursing care in response to the patient’s needs, treatment plan and nursing care plan, supported by nursing knowledge and current best practice
  • Assists in the preparation of the OT, review Surgeons preference card and ensure all required equipment is available
  • Check the patient into the OT utilizing the approved UHS pre-op checklist
  • Assist with the transferring and positioning of patient
  • Participate and if required lead with the “Time Out” protocol for all OT cases, ensuring correct documentation
  • Perform a pre-op scrub as per OT policy
  • Ensure strict adherence to sterility guidelines when gloving and gowning self and others
  • Ensure strict adherence to all agreed infection control protocols
  • Assist surgeon with skin preparation and draping of the patient
  • Perform pre-operative count as per UHS policy
  • Ensure correct sponge and instrument count, utilizing UHS agreed protocols
  • Assist surgeon as required through surgery, operating within agreed scope of practice
  • Remove and dispose all disposable drapes, instruments and extras in accordance with infection control policy
  • Return used non-disposable instruments to CSSD on the covered OT back table
  • Act as liaison between the scrub team and other OT and hospital staff, updating information regarding the progress of surgery, follow up from Laboratory and Radiology as required
  • Documents the nursing care of each patient from admission to discharge in accordance to facility medical record and documentation policy
  • Assists and provides documented patient and family health education, based upon the individual nursing care plan of the patient
  • Ensures patient environment is safe for patients and staff by utilizing infection control practices, adhering to International patient safety goals and following facility health and safety policies
  • Collaborates with the Multi-disciplinary team and acts as patient advocate to ensure quality care is delivered
  • Adhere to the safe administration of medication policy within the facility, administering prescribed medications, including narcotics as per scope of practice
  • Monitors the condition of patient and reports any changes to appropriate personnel
  • Ensures the traceability of endoscopic devices and disinfection processes
  • Ensures all infection control protocols are strictly adhered to in the Endoscopy unit, including correct sterilization of instruments
  • Perform endoscopy-related management tasks in connection with   scheduling, room availability, endoscopes and equipment, operators, and   the various types of procedures that are carried out
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to patients’ comfort and privacy and expresses interest in their progress
  • Utilizes and ensures maintenance of equipment and instruments, reporting any damages, equipment malfunctioning to the Bio – Medical department and nurse in charge immediately
  • Participates in nursing continuous quality improvement initiatives, in service education programmes, unit meetings and committee functions as assigned by nurse in charge
  • Initiates emergency, safety practices and fire safety measures as necessary
  • Reports all incidents through agreed channels and chain of command, ensuring Incident report is completed, submitted to nurse in charge and any immediate action required taken
  • Maintains unit stock/consumables, crash cart stock, in accordance with facility policy on medication expiry dates and safe location of consumable items
  • Maintains and adheres to patient confidentiality at all times
  • Responsible for attendance to yearly mandatory training as scheduled on mandatory training calendar
  • Responsible for professional clinical practice and is actively involved in updating knowledge through educational activities
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned (within scope of practice)
  • The employment terms and conditions for this position are specified in the individuals Employment Contract






  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing holding a BSc Nursing /Diploma of Nursing, not less than 3 years study duration
  • Minimum 2 years post-graduation experience with at least 1 years in current specialty (OT)
  • BLS certificate



  • Advanced Life support



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