Seriously ill patient rushed for Emergency treatment

The Emergency Department of UHS has a pool of experienced Doctors and other healthcare professionals. We have 32 highly qualified general practitioners in UHS. Most of our Doctors have more than ten years of experience in Emergency Medicine. Our Doctors specialize in Accidents and Emergencies and management and stabilization of critically ill patients. Apart from this, our Doctors also specialize in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support provider.

Doctors in emergency

Dr. Mohamed Faraj Dawdi

Specialist Emergency Medicine


An Orthopedic Emergency happens when a bone or delicate tissue is injured in a manner that requires prompt treatment to prevent further damage to your body.

Surgical emergency is a medical condition requiring immediate surgical procedure to save the patient from severity.

 Pediatric Emergency doctors are experienced in the identification and treatment of a wide range of emergencies in newborns, toddlers and children. 

Medical emergency is the sudden illness or condition requiring medical support to save a person's life. Some of these medical emergencies are stroke, bleeding, heart attack, breathing difficulties which require assistance from another person, who should be suitably qualified to do that.