Exploring ARISE Nursing Services

As part of our strategies,Nursing department at University Hospital Sharjah establishes a solid brand. This is a jumpstart effort of the nursing department to be recognized as superior in delivering high quality patient care and to create a culture of competent and sustainable health care.

We proudly present our brand name “ARISE” which reflects the core values of UHS nurses: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

UHS ARISE NURSINGaiming to enhance our professional image and reputation, to provide opportunity for growth, to improve confidence, and to empower nurses to publicize what they do behind drawn curtains.

ARISE NURSING ARTICLES will give a wide variety of information among nurses and healthcare team. Not only to educate the readers and viewers but to give a light and prospective among doubts and queries.  It will also enhance each one of us to share up to date health news and views. Among the members, it will enhance our skills in both written and social interaction