Working with the University Hospital of Sharjah is dream come true. We give our medical fraternity an opportunity to chisel and fine-tune their skills to perfection using cutting edge technology and theoretical solutions. Our Doctors are in a continuous state of enriching themselves and the lives of their patients. If you have the skill, we are here to hone it further and give you an opportunity to join the family of UHS and positively impact a million lives!


Message to Applicants

We have come to know that there are fraudsters in the job market who lay trap for innocent medical professionals .University Hospital Sharjah (UHS), however, severely condemns such fraudulent acts and requests job seekers to be more alert and prudent when they cross paths with such fraudsters. We are piloting different methods, collaborating with professionals in the field and trying to investigate the issue for reliable and highly secure job application solutions.

We do not bear any responsibility in the wake of such untodo events. We can only recommend our applicants to exercise wisdom while they are into the application process. Nevertheless, we have identified certain indicators that will help you through a seamless application process.

The objective of any fraudulent employer is to make money. They ask you your personal information, processing fees and other monetary benefits. This is the most opportune time to realize that they are fake. UHS ‘NEVER’ seeks payments and other things to secure a job for you. We only seek the right talent.

A wise candidate needs to approach consulates, visa and travel agencies and see the embassy website to trace such fraud employers.

An easiest way to identify the fake employer is the email id he uses which is devoid of the authentic, official, email id. They use free web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. University Hospital Sharjah is sent via a corporate email address with a “” extension. Kindly take a note of this.

Do not engage with them in back to back conversations. Block them as soon you realize that something is fishy.

Get in touch with HR@UHS.AE immediately.

Our Website is the right place for you to apply. Our Career page showcases current and future opportunities and offers you a platform to upload your Cover Letter and Resume.

Do not hesitate to apply when you find that our requirement and your skillset are in sync. However, owing to the volume of applications we receive, it might take us some time to screen your application and revert for an interview. We request you to stay tuned with the processes patiently.

If your application stands out from the rest, you will be very soon contacted by our HR personnel for further procedures. You may apply for more positions if you feel that your medical education can cater to diverse requirements.