Patient education

Patient Education

Patient Education is one of the most prominent subjects in the curriculum of the University of Sharjah (UHS). Patient Education primarily comprises the act of imparting knowledge and information to the patients and their families on a specific health disorder or a disease. It involves healthcare professionals such a Doctors, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and Nurses. By all means such education, which is deemed profound, is given by professionals who are trained by institutes and experts that possess an authorization to carry out courses. Health Education or Patient Education usually comprises courses on prevention of certain diseases which include aspects related to general health improvement and promotion.Patient Education comes with a bouquet of benefits such as improved understanding, improved responsibility over one’s own health and retaining calm during times of risk. In order to offer an efficient healthcare education, the professionals should be ethical and understand their role with a sense of commitment and responsibility. They should provide authentic care and also collaborate with patient’s family in an empathetic way. They must be free from cultural and religious bias and must be technically adept.