Dr. abdulmunheem kasem obaideen

Dr. Abdulmunheem Kasem Obaideen

Consultant Radiologist and Director of Radiology




Holds French Board from Jean Monnet University, St. Etienne Academy of Lyon, France.

Associate professor of Radiology in the College of Medicine, University Hospital Sharjah - UAE

Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery from Aleppo University, Syria in 1981


Has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Radiology and Medical Imaging as Consultant Radiologist

Worked as a Director of Radiodi-agnostics and Medical Imaging in North West Armed Force Hospital - a 600 bedded hospital in Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other hospitals across Saudi Arabia and France

A member of different international Radiological Society

Published his work in international journals and presented his experience in several local and international radiology conferences, also a reviewer for the most famous journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and a critic and expert in a specialized magazine issued by the American Institute of Ultrasound


Subspecialty expertise includes:

MR Imaging

Ultrasound & CT - Guided Interventional Procedures

Non- Vascular Intervention

Breast Imaging and Interventions

Experience in general radiology includes various whole-body radiological imaging:



Neurology as well as gastrointestinal systems

His non-vascular interventional radiology skills include gastrointestinal and uroradiology procedures with a wide range of interventional techniques for cancer patient management