Dr. atef demian

Dr. Atef Demian

Consultant Anesthesia




Holds a Doctorate in Anaesthesia from Mansoura University, Egypt 1994

Holds a Master in Anaesthesia from Mansoura University, Egypt 1989


Has more than 33 years of experience in the field of anesthesiology

Worked at Mansoura University for 23 years before moving to the United Arab Emirates, where he taught anesthesia courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and supervised the assistant teachers and residents of the Anesthesiology Department

Academically, Works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Sharjah

Held the position of medical director, anesthesiologist, and pain specialist at the Day Surgery Center in the United Arab Emirates

His clinical experience encompasses all types of anesthesia, including surgical care, central care management for critically ill patients, resuscitation and pain management

Published many anesthesia topics in international peer-reviewed journals and has attended numerous international and national conferences as a speaker and delegate, and has also been a member of the Austin Editorial Board of Anesthesiology and Analgesia since December 2013


Pre-operative assessment

Anaesthesia for major surgeries, with a current focus on complex laparoscopic gynecological, obstetric, orthopedic, ENT and urological surgeries.

Anesthesia for geriatrics and pediatrics.

Regional anesthesia and analgesia.

Airway management

Pain management

Management of critically ill patients in ICU