Dr. fuad abusdera

Dr. Fuad Abusdera

Consultant Neurologist




Fellowship of the College of Medicine of Neurologists of South Africa

Honorary Clinical Fellow in School of Clinical Medicine (Neurology)

Health Professions Council of South Africa Board Examination, South Africa 

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Tripoli, Libya


Has more than 9 years of experience as a consultant Neurologist

Worked as a Consultant Neurologist in prestigious hospitals such as Greys, Ngwelezana Hospital in South Africa and  Oya private Hospital, Tripoli, Libya

Consultant Neurologist at the Department of Neurology & Honorary Clinical Lecturer, School of Clinical Medicine (Neurology) at Nelson Mandela Medical school at University of KwaZulu-Natal

Attended many conferences as The Annual Congress of the Neurology Association of South Africa (NASA from 2009-2014) and The International Stroke Society, Mediterranean stroke Society, and Southern African Stroke Foundation, Cape Town - South Africa



HIV related Neurological disorders

Neuro -ophthamlogical disorders

Sleep Disorders

Therapeutic Botox for Dystonia & Chronic Migraine Headache

Movement Disorder

Migrane Headache


Neurophysiology: EMG-NCS, EEG, VEP& Long-Term Video EEG Monitoring