Dr. jihene mourali

Dr. Jihene Mourali

Specialist Pediatric Surgery




Holds a doctorate in medicine

Holds a diploma in pediatric surgery

University diploma in pediatric laparoscopic surgery

University diploma in neonatal surgery

Bachelor of medicine and surgery


Has extensive experience as a pediatric surgeon as she is well trained and experienced pediatric surgeon with a special interest in bowel surgery and pediatric urology

Insists on the involvement and awareness of parents in the treatment plan of their child to optimize the results 

Has numerous research studies published and presented in local and international forums


Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeries

Management of Neonatal, Infant and Child Surgical Emergencies

Neonatal Surgery

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery (Malformative / Infectious)

Visceral Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Gynecology and Genital Malformations Surgery

Circumcision Surgeries and Complications