Dr. naguib mohamed hassan abdel reheim

Dr. Naguib Mohamed Hassan Abdel Reheim

Consultant Pediatrician - Pediatric Diabetologist




Dr. Naguib Mohamed Holds a Doctorate's in Pediatrics from Ain Shams University, Egypt 

Holds a Master from Ain Shams University, Egypt 

Has a postgraduate diploma in diabetes from Leicester University, UK

Bachelor degree in medicine from Cairo University, Egypt


Dr. Naguib Mohamed Has many years of clinical experience in pediatrics

Contemporary experience in the management of young children and teenagers with endocrine disorders specially childhood diabetes and obesity, 

Modern therapeutic interventions like insulin pump and continuous blood glucose monitoring

Runs a general paediatric clinic that deals with common paediatric problems like fever, asthma and common respiratory problems, vaccinations, common gastrointestinal disorders, follow up of nutrition, growth and development

Academically, an Associate Professor of Paediatrics in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at University of Sharjah, UAE

The chairman of the hospital CME Committee at UHS and provides leadership, coordination and direction to both internal and external CME programs

Has many researches published internationally among which, the latest concern being Childhood Obesity in UAE


Childhood Diabetes

Childhood Obesity

Thyroid Disorders

Disorders of puberty