Dr. osama abdelaziz awad abdullah

Dr. Osama Abdelaziz Awad Abdullah

Specialist Anesthesia




Holds a Master of Anesthesia from Ain-Shams University, Egypt

Holds a Diploma of Interventional Pain Medicine from University of Montpellier, France

Bachelor's of Medicine and Surgery


Has more than 23 years of experience as Specialist Anesthesia in Egypt and UAE

Provides anesthesia for different types of surgeries and procedures, pain management, and management of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit

Peri-operative patient care and management:

Preoperative assessment, preparation, and premedication

Intraoperative Management: general, regional or local anesthesia

Postoperative management including patient care and pain relief

Monitoring (invasive and noninvasive) of patients pre, intra, and postoperatively

Anesthesia for emergency and elective cases for various specialties including adults and pediatrics: 

General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Gyne & Obs, Ophthalmic Surgeries, ENT Surgeries, Urology, Thoracic and vascular, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgeries, Dental & Maxillofacial Surgeries

Regional Anesthesia: neuroaxial blocks (spinal and epidural), peripheral nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance for intra and post-operative pain management

Anesthesia for patients in remote areas like MRI, CT scan, Endoscopy, and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for psychiatric patients

Management and follow up the patients in medical and surgical ICU for adults and pediatrics

Invasive monitoring of critically ill patients in the ICU including arterial cannulation and CVP catheter insertion

Management of patients on mechanical ventilation: ABGs, acid-base balance, fluid and electrolytes disorders


Peri-operative patient care and management

Regional Anesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance

Labor epidural analgesia

Postoperative pain management

Noninvasive and invasive vascular access under ultrasound guidance