Dr. tharwat ramadan

Dr. Tharwat Ramadan

Consultant Urologist




Holds a Doctorate in Urology from the Urology and Nephrology Center from Mansoura University, Egypt

Holds a Master degree in urology from the same university

Bachelor's of Medicine and Surgery from Mansoura University, Egypt


Has more than 30 years of experience as a Consultant Urologist 

Has broad experience in practicing minor and major urological operations as well as pediatric urology and hypospedius repair

Has expertise in wide-ranging urological conditions including urologic oncology and urinary diversion

Receive specialized training in all kidney stone techniques for each without surgery for diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures, including transurethral resection of the prostate, bladder tumors, ureteroscopy to remove ureteral stones, percutaneous nephrostomy, and percutaneous extraction of kidney stones

Acquired extensive experience and training during his long association with prestigious hospitals in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt

Awarded the Best Employer Prize of Ministry of Health, UAE in 2006

Presented scientific papers in various urology conferences and delivered keynote speeches at various scientific meets 

Played an active role in imparting training to undergraduate medical students and interns

Has written and published several treatises on Urology


Treatment of prostatic diseases either infection or tumor using laser and endoscopy

Treatment of female urinary incontinence

Specialist male health clinic using the most recent methods of treatment

Treatment of all urinary tract stones using shock wave and laser

Management of all urinary tract tumors