Dr. yvonne becker

Dr. Yvonne Becker

Consultant Anesthesia and Intensive Care




German board certificated in Anesthesia and Intensive care

German Board in Special Qualifikation for Infection disease

German board certificated in Emergency medicine


Has more than 14 years as an ICU and Aneasthesie Physician

Held the position of Senior Consultant ICU and Deputy Head - ICU in prestigious hospitals within the UAE

Worked as a Deputy Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and OT management at Evangelic Hospital Bergisch, Gladbach, Germany

Worked as responsible Physician in Infection disease at Evangelic Hospital in Germany

Attended many training courses as Ultrasound guided insertion of all lines, Pain management and insertion of pain catheter, Pic line insertion, Ventilator management, Nutrition and vitals management in ICU, Bronchoscopy, Insertion of the chest tube, and Diagnostic of X-Ray


Ultrasound-guided procedure

Diagnostic via Ultrasound


Epidural catheter and spinal Anästhesie

Managing noninvasive and invasive ventilating

Insertion ultrasound-guided CVP, art. Lines

Bedside Tracheostomy guided via bronchuscope