Raihanath ahmed

Raihanath Ahmed





Holds a Master degree in Speech and Hearing from Dr M V Shetty Institute of Speech and Hearing, Karnataka University, Rajiv Gandhi University, India

Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing from the same university


Has more than 24 years of experience as Audiologist

Expert in Cochlear implant programming and in Audio vestibular assessment

Worked in prestigious hospitals within UAE as Audiologist

Worked as a Lecturer in Audiology and SLP and Clinical Supervisor at AWH Special College, Calicut, India

Attended many Workshops as Vestibular workshop of Dubai otology conference, Advanced vestibular workshop, 5TH Emirates Rhinology and Otology Congress, Sharjah International Audio-vestibular and communication disorder Conference


New born Hearing Screening program

Diagnosis of various auditory disorders using battery of tests (subjective- PTA/tympanometry, OAE and electrophysiological tests- ABR/ASSR/MLR/LLR)

Vestibular assessment using battery of tests 

Cochlear implant candidacy determination, intra operative measurements and post- operative programming.

Hearing aid trial and programming

Diagnose and treat patients with the following disorders:

Mild to Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Auditory Neuropathy

Functional Hearing Loss

Hearing Impairment with associated problems


Noise Induced Hearing Loss