Histopathology and laboratory medicine

Doctors in histopathology and laboratory medicine

Dr. Noura Alkhayyal

Laboratory Head of Department - Molecular Pathology Specialist

Dr. Savitha Mudalagiriyappa

Specialist Microbiology

Dr. Ghaith Makhlouf

Consultant Anatomic Pathology


Tissue-Tek Cryostat is used for pre-operative frozen sectioning.  This unit specializes in the diagnosis of gynaecological and non - gynaecological diseases based on cytological examination of fluid material and smears, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), ascitic and pleural fluid, urine and sputum specimens. Tripath (Surepath) technology is used for gynaecological cervical smears, using Bethesda System for diagnosis, in addition to HPV DNA detection on cervical specimens.  

Lung Cancer is a fatal type of cancer caused by the unconditional growth of cells in the lungs. The two types of lung cancers are Small Cell lung cancer and Non Small Cell lung cancer.

The Centre provides an integrated multi-disciplinary program that incorporates comprehensive care of patients having a GI problem. Both medical and surgical teams work together to manage patient’s medical problems.

The procedure may also be referred to as needle biopsy which employs a hollow needle to remove small fragments of tissue for diagnosis. This procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance for accurate placement of the needle and identification of the suspicious tissue lesion.

Breast biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample of breast tissue containing suspicious breast growth is removed and examined in the laboratory for the presence of cancer. Breast biopsy is usually done when abnormal findings are seen during mammography, ultrasound or MRI scans, or unusual changes are noticed in the nipple (dimpling skin, scaling or bloody discharge) or breast tissue (thickening or lumps).