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PEN Technique Emerges as One of the Most-preferred Treatments

PEN Technique Emerges as One of the Most-preferred Treatments

Subsequent to the introduction of a new Post Recovery Care Unit (PRCU) dedicated to day surgery patients, the University Hospital of Sharjah announced that Himchan Spine and Joint Center has successfully performed more than 100 Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty (PEN) procedures. The hospital revealed that 95% of its patients reported a satisfying experience after undergoing the non-surgical one-day treatment, which reduces pain by more than 80% in people suffering from severe back pain.

Thanks to more recent advancements in the area of spine health, several non-surgical treatment options are available today even as the number of patients suffering from back pain continues to rise. Considered one of the most effective non-surgical treatment for back pain, PEN procedure involves an insertion of 1mm thin catheter to inject medication into the area that causes the pain. Following this, the area where the procedure is performed is irrigated with saline and anti-inflammatory medication is injected, thereby alleviating the pain significantly.

تعليمات زيارة المرضى

Patients Visiting Instructions

  • No visitors are allowed in the Intensive care units.

  • 65 years old and Above visitors are not advised to visit the in-patients.

  • Children below 16 years are not allowed.

  • IP visits will be allowed from 10 am – 6 pm.

  • Two persons only can visit the same patient at the same time.

  • One Escort can be permitted based on the patient's condition and medical team approval.

  • Two persons can accompany the OPD patient during his visit to the clinic.

  • No Outside food & drinks allowed.

مستشفى الجامعة بالشارقة أول مستشفى في دولة الإمارات يتيح تقنية التخدير الحديث لمرضى وحدات العناية المركزة

University Hospital Sharjah becomes the UAE’s first to introduce modern sedation technique for ICU patients

The University Hospital of Sharjah (UHS) has announced the introduction of new sedation technique for the patients in intensive care unit (ICU. This makes UHS the first hospital in the UAE and one of the first in the wider Middle East region to use volatile anesthetic gases to induce sedation in ICU patients with remarkable success.

The hospital’s transition to the use of volatile anesthetic gases was seamless as the ICU team at UHS possesses hands-on experience in using this sedation modality. Apart from that, the team’s accessibility to modern technology-enabled tools also contributes to the use of this technique in line with highest international standards. Sedation with volatile anesthetic gases, particularly Sevoflurane and Isoflurane, is a popular modality among anesthesia personnel globally these days.


مستشفى الجامعة بالشارقة الراعي الطبي الرسمي لنادي الشارقة الرياضي

UHS is officially the medical sponsor for Sharjah Sports Club

University Hospital Sharjah is officially the medical sponsor for Sharjah Sports Club for the 2020/2021 season, with the aim of providing necessary medical care to all their players of various categories at the highest medical rehabilitation to help them improve the performance.

The contract signing ceremony, held at the University Hospital Sharjah, was witnessed by His Excellency Ali Salem Al Midfa _Chairman of the Sharjah Sports Club, and His Excellency Abdullah Ali Al Mahyan _Chairman of the Sharjah Authority, Board of Trustees of the University Hospital Sharjah, Ibrahim Al Jarwan _Head of Investment and Commercial Development Department, Sharjah Club and Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali _Chief Executive Officer, University Hospital Sharjah representative.

Our medical team succeeds in ending a patient's suffering

Our medical team succeeds in ending a patient's suffering

Our medical team in University Hospital Sharjah were able to remove a huge uterine degenerated fibroid successfully from a patient womb who suffered for years. A woman was presented with a huge abdominal swelling causing difficulty in movement and continuous pain and mal digestion. The patient thought it’s due to mal digestion. She came to University Hospital Sharjah after seeking medical advice from several hospitals in the UAE and was diagnosed after a series of radiological studies to have a huge uterine tumor of unknown nature with complex adnexal mass. Some of The tumor markers were High as well. The other hospitals were reluctant to perform the surgery as it was a high risk with a high chance of being malignant with possible removal of the uterus and ovaries. At UHS, further evaluation of the case were done in our Gynecology and Radiology department, the diagnosis of a huge uterine mass with more likely benign nature based on the clinical evaluation and radiologic study. The patient was counseled for the need of a complex surgical exploration to remove the uterine mass. As a precautionary measure even with the unlikely malignant nature of the tumor, a frozen section at the time of the surgery will be performed to confirm the true nature of the tumor. A complex exploratory laparotomy was done by professor Mohamed Zayed, Consultant Gynecologist and his team, they were able to remove a huge (more than 6 kg) uterine degenerated fibroid successfully from her womb. Fortunately it’s proved to be benign by frozen section with complete preservation of her uterus and ovaries as for her fertility. By god’s will, the patient has recovered completely from the surgery.

A humanitarian deeds initiated from a team of the Emirates Friends of Seniors’ Citizens Association

A humanitarian deeds initiated from a team of the Emirates Friends of Seniors’ Citizens Association

The University Hospital Sharjah family was honored by visiting a team of the Emirates Friends of Seniors’ Citizens Association, Where they visited the elderly patients to congratulate them on the blessed Eid Al-Adha. Where the UHS team was there to accompany them to visit patients and present them with the gifts.

Charitable work pays tribute to the importance of caring for the senior citizens who have given so much to this dear country by donating time to make them happy, listening to them, and drawing a smile on their faces.