Dr marwan merza

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Dr. Marwan Merza
Certificate of German Board of Ophthalmology, Germany Certificate of European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO) Certificate of Arab Board of Health Specializations in Ophthalmology (Part 1) Certificate of specialization in Ophthalmology, Syria Certificate of International Council of Ophthalmology (Part 1 & 2) Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Damascus University, Syria
Has more than  16 years of experience in the ophthalmology Specialization Worked at prestigious hospitals in Germany and Syria as a Consultant Ophthalmology Got a Licence from the Medical Association of Brandenburg, a Permanent License  in Dresden - Germany, a Permanent License as a specialist in Ophthalmology from the Ministry of Health in Syria, the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
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Special Interest
Retinal diseases Diabetic retinopathy Macular degeneration branch retinal artery vein occlusion intravitreal injections therapy Intraocular injections Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of glaucoma patients Glaucoma laser treatment procedures: SLT and YAG-PI
Consultant Ophthalmology
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