Duaa khaled

Duaa Khaled

Speech Therapist


ArabicEnglishSign Language


  • Holds a Master's degree in speech-language pathology
  • Bachelor degree in speech and hearing science.
  • Certified auditory-verbal REHABILITATIONIST from (MEDEL) and in the process of AVT-cert. from AG BELL foundation - USA
  • Certified electrical muscle stimulation
  • Course in HANNEN
  • Course in TALK TOOLS
  • Training in IMST & EMST
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Course in Functional laryngeal video stroboscope
  • Course in medical sign language (in the process)


  • Has more than 12 years of experience, Worked in (Jordan, UAE, AUSTRIA, and UK)
  • Has experience in Diagnosing and treating speech and language disorders (for in and outpatients) pediatric and adult
  • Also experience in Speech and language (Fluency disorder, articulation, voice and resonance, aphasia), Hearing rehabilitation, Neurological disorder (aphasia, dysphagia)
  • Supervising internship student from Dar Al hikmah university - KSA
  • Honoring work in operation smile foundation, Jordan
  • Adapting the first standardized Arabic hearing test with other experts FROM (Austria, Dubai, Bahrain, KSA, and Jordan
  • Experience in hearing tests, also in Cochlear implant programming (Austria)


  • Articulation Disorders (sounds error)
  • craniofacial anomalies (Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate)
  • Dysphasia (swallowing difficulties)
  • Fluency Disorders (stuttering, cluttering)
  • Aural rehabilitation (HEARING LOSS rehabilitation)
  • Neurological Speech disorders (Parkinson's, ataxia, strokes, cerebral palsy, dysarthria, brain tumour, Guillain barre syndrome, apraxia of speech)
  • Voice and Resonance Disorders ( vocal folds polyps, nodules, dysphonia, hypernasality, vocal folds paralysis)