Ramadan health tips

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Ramadan Health Tips

Healthy habits during the holy month of Ramadan are very important and bring many health benefits when done correctly. In the following videos, we outline a few simple tips to our patients such as diabetics and endocrinology, pregnant women, Urinary tract patients, Rheumatoid & arthritis , gastrointestinal problems, and respiratory patients for healthy and safe fasting

Fasting and diabetes by Prof. Salah Abusnana
Fasting and diabetes by Ms. Maisa Odeh
Fasting and diabetes by Ms. Tojan Hassan
Fasting and pregnancy by Dr. Kauser Mansoor
Fasting and diabetes by Dr. Haitham Abdulla
Fasting and pregnancy by Dr. Ameenah Saadi
Fasting and arthritis by Dr. Ahmed Al Zayat
Fasting, urinary tract and kidneys by Dr. Tharwat Ramdan & Dr. Ayman Youniss
Fasting and respiratory diseases by Prof. Mohamed Al Hajjaj
Fasting and gastroenterology diseases by Dr. Faisal Abid
Fasting and heart diseases by Dr. Mohamed Seif