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Nutritional Food


Nutritional Food

The University Hospital of Sharjah provides nutritive and healthful food to all the patients. The nutritional needs of the patients are assessed by the Dieticians. The role of nutritionists doesn’t end with mere food prescriptions, but they also extend into the multicultural food preferences of a global community. 

The role of the nutrition doctor includes prescribing the right food and evaluating the diet regimen of the patient in order to give the patient the right food that compensates for any nutritional deficiency.

UHS takes pride in having experienced dieticians in the UAE region who follow a holistic approach to matters pertaining to the diet and the well-being of our patients. Our nutritionists in Sharjah offer a range of services to treat patients suffering from issues such as chronic diseases, obesity, childhood eating problems, allergies, and many more.

Doctors in dietetics

Maisa Fuad Odeh

Clinical Dietician

Afra Al Mashghouni

Clinical dietician

Fatima Al Hilo

Clinical Dietitian