Family medicine

Doctors in family medicine

Dr. Sridevi Parvathareddy

Aeromedical Examiner & Consultant Family Medicine

Dr. Mohamed Adil Ibraheim Ahmed

Specialist Aviation Medicine & Aeromedical Examiner

Dr. Sarah Imam Mohamed

Consultant Family Medicine

Dr. Samarah Jabir

Consultant Family Medicine

Dr. Khadija Ismail Abdelkarim Al Zarouni

Aeromedical Examiner & Consultant Family Medicine


A Chronic Disease is a long term illness lasting for more than 3 months. Poor lifestyle habits such as over consumption of alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise and bad diet are key factors leading to Chronic illness.

Dermatology is a medical practice providing diagnosis and treatment for skin, hair and nail problems. Our specialized dermatologists provide quality medical care with advanced technology.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, the presence of high glucose level in the blood. The level of glucose in the blood is regulated by the insulin hormone.

Preventive medicine focuses on the health of individuals and communities. The objective of preventive medicine is to foster health and well-being in individuals and prevent disease, disability and death.

Neurology includes well trained experts to diagnose the neurological disorders in the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Immunization is the process by which people are protected against diseases caused by infections with micro-organisms (also called pathogens). A Vaccine is the material used for immunization.

General medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases including infectious diseases, poisoning, acute medical emergencies, adult vaccinations, and geriatric medicine. The general medical team may work with several of the patients' organs at the same time and treat or diagnose a number of conditions. 

A balanced diet is important as it gives your body essential nutrients to function properly.