Himchan uhs spine

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HimChan Spine & Joint Centre

Spine & Joint Health Center at HimChan-UHS

Why is Himchan Special?


Allowing patients to have the initial consultation with their own designated surgeon, diagnostic examinations done by the latest medical equipment and machines, 1:1 therapies, surgical operations and  post-operational care in one center without being referred to anywhere else. Patients can also register themselves, receive insurance approvals and pay at our Himchan center reception. Our expert team can handle every joint & spine issue from the very simple to the extremely complex problems all in this center. 


Himchan - UHS Joint & Spine Centre is a specialized hospital in joint & spine surgeries and  has been maintaining 0% post-operational complication and  surgery failure rate since the opening. Korea has the greatest number of surgeries compared to any of the countries in the world. Each of our surgeon is very confident with their practices with more than 10 years of experience and  also they very well-known surgeons in this specialty.